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Our Story

About Us

It all began with a big idea, a genuine passion to empower and support people living with disability and their families.

Real Support Options was established for our disability community and their families to have a better and innovative services to access individualised disability support.

As a registered NDIS provider, we support people living with disability to develop their independence and achieve their potential. We recognise that to be excellent in our field, we need to fully understand and champion the changing needs and aspirations of the people we support. Through partnerships with families and professional services, we believe in constantly evolving and providing a person-centred approach at every step in an individual’s support journey.  

We have extensive experience in disability care and specialise in embracing cultural diversity, tailoring all levels of supports to ensure our participants reach their goals. Our trusted management team and support workers actively inspire and collaborate with our participants, to help them pursue more independent and fulfilling lives.