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NDIS provider of Specialised Driver Training

    • developed specifically to meet the needs of Aspergers learning style, our success is empowering social including, work opportunities and self management.
    • it must be noted Aspergers is not one shoe fits all.
    • Aspergers is as diverse as introvert, extrovert, artist, anxiety and engineers, could all have a form of Aspergers.
    • Delivery methodologies tailored to match each clients learning style.
  • Autism driver training programs;
    • developed to meet the learning styles of those with ASD, expect to achieve a licence, all our past clients have!
    • Autism is not a disabler to achieving a full licence, it is just a learning style as are introvert and extrovert.
    • Autism its just a learning style and variable across the human spectrum.
  • Anxiety driver training programs
    • Anxiety is just a learning style, idrivesafety training programs have a delivery system that is tailored to meet Anxiety and provide solutions that will allow clients to manage the process and anxiety,
    • We know that fear of the unknown feeds anxiety,
    • We know the Anxiety reduces significantly when you recall an automated process that manages all the risks.
    • When I know, I know I know, my anxiety reduces to a manageable level, time lines are fluid,
    • Success is a strong motivation tool that significantly reduces anxiety impact on driving,
    • its ok to have anxiety and still drive safety, it’s like managing the same process with a different radio station playing
    • I don’t have to enjoy the process to enjoy the proceeds. although learning has plenty fun moments or who would bother challenging themselves to learn.
    • RSO coaches delivery methodology developed to empower, engage, challenge in a seamless process.